#Clearing 2015 – If UK university desperation is just a little de trop…why not study in France (or other places)?

Clearing Courses 2015 060815

With A’ level results day just ahead of us now is the time of year when we publish a list of vacancies at international universities. This year there are fewer such opportunities, largely because the best options don’t need to recruit UK students at the last minute. Some options that used to exist in the Netherlands, for example, are no longer possible. However, there are still courses there that we believe you could access if you are interested. Please download the list above for further information.

British universities are falling over themselves to recruit students during clearing this year so the pressure to go abroad is no longer there except in traditionally tough subjects such as medicine and dentistry. We are aware of some offers available for UK students of these subjects but the best option for students who just miss out might very well be to spend a year in Spain on the PreBioscience course in Valencia. We would be happy to talk you through the implications of this pathway if it is of interest to you.

We will be in the office all day on Thursday and we expect the phone to be very busy. Please feel free to call us on 020 3586 4026 but do also send us an email if you can’t get through.


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One response to “#Clearing 2015 – If UK university desperation is just a little de trop…why not study in France (or other places)?

  1. Neil Burrows


    Following a disappointing and very stressful day after receiving bad news that our son has failed to gain his A-level grades and is now unable for entry to his chosen university here in The Netherlands. As a last resort, we have join our son in his search for a Dutch university who offer ‘clearing’ same as in UK. However, to our surprise, we can not find any information relating to any kind of Uni clearing in The Netherlands.We’re also very surprised of no knowledge and pre-warning from our son’s British International school! We therefore kindly ask if anyone can offer any help and advise with our inquiries.

    Many thanks,

    UK local tel number: +447408 809349.
    Dutch local number: +31 646723 469.

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